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Vendor Information

Welcome to the Rhode Island Vendor Information Program (RIVIP)! Vendors must create an account in order to download the required Vendor Certification Cover Form required for solicitations and Continuous Recruitments. Once registered, a personalized web-based watch list for the Division of Purchases and external agency solicitations can be created.

Vendors are also encouraged to register with Ocean State Procures™ to receive automatic email alerts for Division of Purchases' solicitations. Please see our new website at https://www.ridop.ri.gov/osp/ for further information on Ocean State Procures™.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to check the Division of Purchases website and to monitor watch lists for all solicitation opportunities.

Vendors that are awarded purchase orders must register in Ocean State Procures™.

RIVIP Options

RIVIP How To Guide Learn how to register and download the RIVIP Certification Cover Form

RIVIP Registration

Create a new RIVIP account with the Division of Purchases

RIVIP Maintenance

Modify your existing RIVIP information if you have registered on-line

Commodity Codes

Search for Commodity Codes

RI Department of Transportation

Purchasing information pertaining to RIDOT