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RIVIP Vendor Registration Form

Click here to view the RIVIP Registration and RIVIP Vendor Certication Cover Form Download Guide.

Benefits of registering with RIVIP:

  • RIVIP Registration is required to download the Vendor Certification Cover Form for submitting a bid proposal
  • Personalized digital dashboard to view and watch Rhode Island Division of Purchases State solicitations and external* solicitations

*external solicitations - from cities, towns and quasi agencies including certain types of State agency solicitations that are posted to the RIVIP site. The Division of Purchases is not responsible for external solicitations or their statuses.

Note: Suppliers are required to register with the State’s new eProcurement system, Ocean State Procures™, prior to award. Email notification of opportunities for Division of Purchases solicitations is available through RIVIP and Ocean State Procures™. It is the vendor’s responsibility to monitor the Division of Purchases website for all solicitation opportunities.

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